Dear Friends,
I trust this finds you well. I want to introduce you to a wonderful mason - Paul Capalucci, the owner of Suburban Masonry. Merrill and I have known Paul for over ten years. He build the stone walls on both sides of our driveway, the front wall section where our driveway used to be, the stairs and brick walkway leading up to our back door, and our brick patio. Later, he built two stonewalls (one along the back of the house and the other at the front left of the house). At another point, he put in blue stone stairs with a granite border and a blue stone on the front porch.

At present, Paul is rebuilding part of our chimney. So, we have used him four times over the years for a diverse array of projects. For all of these, Paul was on time, reliable, responsive, had/has a good team working with him, and his prices were always reasonable. Paul is a superb craftsman, in part learning his trade from his father who was also a mason.

As you may know about me, I pay close attention to the quality of work done on our house and have done just enough projects myself and just enough construction, carpentry, cabinetry, electrical, and plumbing in my youth and over the years to appreciate good work.

Paul does entirely top quality work. In addition, he is a truly a good person, has a great sense of humor, and is simply masterful at what he does.

If you have any projects to discuss with him, you will not be disappointed and I recommend him without any hesitation!

Newton, MA

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